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Islam Influence and its benefits

The Arrival of Islam:
The arrival of Islam to Arabs is like water to living creatures on earth. No one can imagine tribal people with alot of bad traditions and customs change to rulers and to scientists who bring civilization to the whole world.
Arabs had good and bad traditions. so Islam emphasized what was good and eradicated what was bad.
One of the bad traditions was wars between tribes. Doing wars for no good reason was awful. Tribes fought each other for the sake of courage, women,wealth,and so on.
Another bad tradition was that some fathers killed their daughters ,who feared that one day their daughters could be kept as slave by another tribe.
So Islam changed these traditions and educated people that peace is very important between tribes and nations.
Another thing, no one has the right to kill another one except for justice and after court precedures. life is so precious. Allah gives life to all.And no one has the right to kill.
Well for the good tradition of arabs is their generosity. Arabs like quests by nature.In my town for example, any house has what we call a guest room. This room is furnished especially for guests.
Another good tradition is that arabs like family ties. This is phenomenon.This respect of the elders is something very important in the social life where children recognize and respect their parents during the whole life. It is one of the best things in life to see parents and children and step children have this affection together the whole life. Not just parents and children , but this ties between the whole big family having uncles aunts, cousins , nephews, nieces, and so on.

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