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Islam: The Last Divine Religion
Allah ( God ) sent his messengers (prophets ) gradually through the development of human beings.
Each group of people on earch have received prophets from allah. This is to allow them to know God who is their creator.
By nature any human can easily find the way of the existence of God since He is there every where . Some scientists say he is a supernatural power that governs the universe. Although they know him very well since His existence is like the sun at midday.
Well Some prophets were very known because they were asked by God to take his message to their tribe or community first.
Abraham, Noah, lout, Moses, Jesus Christ, Mohammed at last peace be upon them all.
Judaism was the first to be known and came with Moses peace be upon him. He has taught the message of God and was a very strong man.
later came Jesus Christ who has no father. He is like adam and Eve who have been created without human being interference. It is the word of God.
At last came Mohammed who was sent to arabs to follow the other prophets. He was so successful since he was the last prophet sent by God until ressurection.
Koran was his miracle unstead of Moses who has the miracle of the stick and Jesus who has the miracles of healing people and other miracles.
All the previous prophets were to preach their tribes and the near community except Mohammed who had the charge of the entire world people since he was the last prophet.

Influence of Islam
Pillars of Islam
Islam: The Peaceful

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